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Internet Marketing


Building a list of prospective customers, and putting them through the “sales funnel” process is the most lucrative way to make money from Internet marketing. The Abacus AutoEmailer automates this age-old manual process completely.

Web Sites Creator

The Abacus Web Sites Creator software is the perfect companion to the AutoEmailer. It will create a web site with all the pages necessary to satisfy the search engines, especially Google, and to operate a sales funnel. It was designed in accordance with the advice contained in the Internet Marketing training course mentioned above.

SEO Editor & File Renamer

The Abacus SEO Editor & File Renamer software is capable of optimizing all the files in a folder by renaming their file names to contain the keywords from a list, injecting the correct keywords into the tags and metatags, and globally replacing place-holders in the body text with the corresponding keywords.

Keyword Assistant

The Abacus Keyword Assistant software is a versatile keyword list creation, manipulation and formatting tool. It also performs several useful, labour-saving tasks on any kind of text list.

Landing Page Creator

The Abacus Landing Page Creator software creates a personalized sales page, tailored dynamically to exactly what the visitor is looking for, thereby increasing the sales conversion rate by up to 300%, according to tests. It also creates a landing page with a form, and payment success and failure pages.

AdWords Campaign Manager

The Abacus AdWords Campaign Manager software can create AdWords campaigns with every conceivable keyword phrase that a visitor might search for, calculate the maximum cost per click individually and precisely for each one, according to the popularity of the words contained, create text ads containing the matching keywords, and generate matching landing page URLs. The AdWords Campaign Creator (coming later) will also create the corresponding landing pages. This tight coordination ensures that AdWords campaigns are optimally targeted, have maximum relevance and the lowest possible cost per click.

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Free Internet Marketing Tips

From time to time, Abacus Data Systems will give you advice and tips on the use of link-cloaking to improve your Internet marketing efforts, and keep you updated with Abacus software development news.


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